Harry's Kitchen

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Harrys Kitchen is one brand under Harrys-Kinderactive and is focused on building a

parent-child interactive platform which is online and offline integrated.

In the offline world, Harrys Kitchen gathers various elements such as food, art, creativity and love.

Using food baking as the foundation, the core audience is children aged 3 to 8 while

the focus is on the parent-child interactive experiences.

Harrys Kitchen brings children and parents into a fairy tale world in real life, savoring the

joy of interactive experiences which are full of childhood innocence and playfulness.

The online side is more focused on a deeper understanding of user requirements,

which involves user content and behavior. 

Harrys Kitchen conveys art, creativity and love in a fun and easy way,
spreading the offline concept of parent-child interaction to the online world. 

Harrys Kitchen hopes to build a bridge of love between parents and

children employing a 360 degree approach and to develop a

new model of parent-child interactive experiences.